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Characters of The Bible 

Studying a person from the Bible can be an extremely meaningful way to gain insight about God and his relationship with humanity. The Bible presents story after story that centers around people’s interactions with God and their response to God’s call on their lives. Sometimes those people are models of godly living that we should aspire to emulate. Other times people’s behavior and attitude toward God reveal the fallenness of the world and the negative effects sin can have on our lives.

Characters of the Bible is a study, Lighthouse Bible Church had covered in our Adult Bible Study. This study simply tries to find out who the character(s) were and follow them through the Scriptures. Often, as we study the Bible, or as we hear sermons about a specific Biblical Topic covered (verse by verse in this church), we tend to take a quick glimpse over the character(s) found within the text. We hear or read their name mentioned, but quickly either glance at or simply do not take note.

Some of the study is based upon John MacArthur's three books, "Twelve Ordinary Men, Twelve Extraordinary Women, and  Twelve Unlikely Heroes."  



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