New Testament Characters

This past Sunday, we covered an Introduction the New Testament characters we will be covering. Okay, we didn’t get all the way through the Intro. I’m sometimes a bit long-winded. However, I felt it necessary to establish a time line to show what the first group of characters, the Apostles, that follows. Much of the Introduction applies to them all.

Many believe that Jesus’ call to the Apostles was immediately upon meeting them. As we establish this far that is far from the truth. A careful study of the Scriptures reveals that it is month’s after His calling His disciples before the calls out of many, the Twelve. It is at a time when Christ has about eighteen months left before His death. He leaves the multitude for a time to “mathētēs” (teach) his “mathētēs” (disciples) over the next few months.

Next week we will finish our Introduction and hopefully get to the next character, Andrew, meaning Manly; brave. He may not appear to be; however, Come join us to find out. Sunday, December 16th @ 9:15 AM.

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