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Paul's 1st Missionary Journey

Updated: Apr 15

The great apostle Paul and Barnabas set on a journey through the Roman province of Galatia. 3 cities were on their list of preaching the gospel. What we have been studying in the book of Acts has been a repetition of events. First, the gospel is preached. Normally Paul would make his way to the cities synagogue where he would be asked to interpret what was read. After his sermons in each of these cities there are 3 things that usually follow. There is division, which is followed by persecution, which is followed by growth. Every time the gospel is preached, division always follows. Jesus boldly said in Matthew's gospel, "I have not come to bring peace on earth, but a sword". By saying this, Jesus is telling us how the gospel message brings division, sometimes even in your own household. But in saying that, the apostle Paul never backed down when it came to being divided or even persecuted. The one thing we could learn from Paul after preaching the gospel to these 3 cities was never to quit, but to remain bold in the midst of tribulations, and leaving the circumstances up to God. Always stay true to your faith no matter who is in . As Paul said to his young protégé Timothy, "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race" . Let us echo those words of Paul and follow in his footsteps, let us finish what God had begun in our lives

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