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Serving Others

Updated: May 10

You know, there's something special about getting together as a small group to serve other's. First of all, its biblical to serve. When we sit idle, the church is not being built up, and God will not receive glory. But when you serve, everybody benefits, the ones being served, but especially the ones serving. It is an outstanding time of true Christians fellowship. Being that we as believers have very busy lives, we really need to take time out to serve, even when its NOT convenient. I believe by not serving together, it's hard to be untied with fellow believers in church. Although I know everyone in church (I should, I'm the Pastor) LOL, I treasured the conversations I had with everyone that came to serve in the Haitian Baptist Church in Belleview this past Saturday. The conversations, the laughs we shared, the food we shared, both with ourselves and our Haitian brothers and sisters was second to none. I believe the ones who serve get more out of it (spiritually speaking) than the ones being served. Don't forget, we were called to serve, not sit idle while others do all the serving.

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