The Epistle of Jude is one of five books of the bible that is only one chapter long. Obadiah, Philemon, 2 & 3 John are the others. While Jude only contains twenty-five verses, it presents us with a strong message. This letter bears close literary relationship to 2 Peter. Both are said to be written in the mid-60's AD. Both address the "False Teachers" that had crept into the church secretly and were a danger to true believers.

Jude was the brother of James, Joseph, Simon, and Jesus.  (Matthew 13:55-56). He also had at least two, but possibly more sisters, whose names are not mentioned. It is interesting to note this powerful letter was written by Jude, who along with his brothers did not belive in Him (John 7:5). But after his resurrection and ascension, there they are in the upper room worshiping him as God (Acts 1:14). They now believed!

Jude’s Epistle may be short (only 1 chapter – 25 verses), but he warns us that the church must contend for the one true faith once for all delivered to the saints (v. 3), and people of faith must persevere to the end by resisting the false teachers and following the truth.

Join us this Sunday as Pastor Ted Dudak explores this short, but powerful letter.

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