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Hands Up

Youth Group

Jordan Colubiale and Nikolena Perrine, are excited to lead our Youth Group for all six through twelfth grade boys and girls. They encourage our Lighthouse members and attenders to have their friends join us for a time of fun games, fellowship, food, and of course a sound Biblical lesson.


Their first in the series of lessons will be John MacArthur's "Fundamentals of the Faith (FOF)."

We will meet every other Friday at Lighthouse Bible Church at 5:30 PM - 7:15 PM. Check our Calendar for changes that may arise. We normally meet every other Sunday.  For information about this group or any questions, please call Nicolena (Nikki) Perrine @ (386) 793-4249.

Game Time

We are planning on a variety of games to do, during our Game Time.

We have Foosball, and Ping Pong and adding others all the time. Help us plan for expansion. 

Another Creative Game

Jordan and Nikki continue to come up with new, exciting fun games. Here's just one more. 

Fundamentals of Faith

Food For Thought

Fundamentals of the Faith

During our time of fellowship, we will enjoy some pizza on most nights, but surprise you with a variety of good eats on other nights.

Jordan and Nicki is teaching a study from a John MacArthur series called Fundamentals of the Faith (FOF). This series blends basic biblical truths with personal obedience and service. We pray these classes will help to grow our Youth in their understanding of biblical truths. 

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