Wednesday Evening Bible Study

The Book of Malachi was written after the Jewish people returned from their captivity in Babylon. Malachi was most likely a contemporary of Ezra and Nehemiah as he also reproved the same sins as they did. Typical of the Jewish people at that time, they began to lose sight of their previous blessings from God. They began to marry idolaters; abused the underprivileged and more. They failed to pay their tithes. These sins did not stop with the people but included their priests.

Malachi means messenger or possibly messenger of the Lord. He was called upon by God as a prophet to preach to the Israelites to bring them back from their sinfulness and ensure that their hearts were right and kept God first in their lives.


The Book of Malachi is only four chapters in length. However, it closes out the Testament as we know it, or does it? Come join us in person as Pastor Bob Young examines this great book. Yes, it will be online, but it is so much better in person.

Come join us as Bob Young examines the

WORD of GOD given us in the book of Malachi.

Wednesday Evenings 6:30 P.M.