Pastor Ted Dudack

Sadly, Pastor Bob After a long and difficult battle with COVID, the Lord took Pastor Bob Young home to be with Him August 31, 2021. Please pray for Ruth, who is still recovering from the same illness. Take this time to recover and pray for the family and all those affected by this virus.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Come join us as Ted Dudak examines the

WORD of GOD found throughout the Scriptures, "The Doctrines of Grace."

Wednesday Evenings 6:30 P.M.

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Pastor Ted Dudak will cover the Wednesday evening Bible Study with a topic that since, the sixteenth century, has been studied, argued about and continues to be debated by many to this day. The subject, “The Doctrines of Grace.”

Are these doctrines Biblical? Did they simply appear out of nowhere? Can they be proven by Scripture? These are but a few of the questions that Pastor Ted will cover in this awesome series. Hope to see you all there!