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Our Prayer Warriors

Prayer is direct conversation and communion with God, whether vocal or silent, planned or spontaneous, individual or corporate.

Prayer Quote by Jonathan Edwards "Prayer is as natural an expression of faith as breathing is of life."

Private prayer and Corporate prayer are two essential practices for Christians, but they have distinct roles and benefits.

Private prayer is the practice of praying by ourselves, often in a personal or intimate way. It helps us to build intimacy and fellowship with God, as we share our thoughts and feelings with him. It also helps us to grow in grace and holiness, as we admit our sins and ask for his forgiveness and purification. Private prayer can enhance our knowledge of God's character, attributes, and promises. It can also help us to hear his voice and direction for our lives. Private prayer can also be a source of comfort and peace, as we give our worries and troubles to him and receive his assurance and provision. As the Psalmist says, "The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth." (Psalm 145:18)

Corporate prayer is the practice of praying with other believers in a formal or organized way. It shows our unity and solidarity as the body of Christ, the church. It also enables us to join God's mission and will for the world, as we pray for others and seek his guidance and direction. Corporate prayer can increase our faith, uplift our hearts, and motivate our actions. It can also help us to learn from other Christians, as we listen to their prayers and stories. Corporate prayer can also be a testimony to non-believers, as we show our love and devotion to God and each other.

Come Join Us!

Our Prayer Warriors meet every Sunday morning @ 9:00 AM.

They pray for our Pastors

They pray for our Bible Teachers

They pray for our Country, State, and Local Governments. 

They pray for Israel

They pray for the rest of the world

They pray for family and friends

They pray for their enemies

They pray for the lost

They pray for YOU!


Missions: Burkina Faso: Praise God for the money that came in to help build the Village of Opportunity kitchen/classroom for culinary classes. Pray for the teaching staff as they prepare for the upcoming school year.

Haiti: Pray for the upcoming leadership conference.

January 2-6, 2024

Prayer Request

Prayer Request

• Derald & Becky - Grandson Andrew, healing & Praise for
  Daughter, Carrie & family moving to Florida.
• Tom & Frances - Praise, Tom doing great after heart surgery
• Harry & Joyce - Wisdom & guidance.
• Aaron H - Strength & guidance for family
• Nikki - Praise for business opportunities
• Jordon - Wisdom & continued guidance for his job.
• Steve & Carol - Nephew, Joshua. & continued blessing on
  Lighthouse Youth & Leadership.
• Laura - Peace, Wisdom & Joy
• Connie- Peace & Joy
• Karen P - Charlene, healing. Praise for dad Louie.
• Deacon Family - Protection for Family.
• John & Vicky -Anna & for Riley to be a light to kids in school.
• Geri M - Sisters, Ginny & Janet.
• Rob & Deanne - Rob, finding a job. Deanne, Strength.
• Kim - Balm of Gilead ministry.
• Ruth - Peace
• Margie - Nephew, Buddy, Sister Dinah & USA.
• Chuck - Unspoken, Israel & Pro-life
• Joe & Lisa - Peace, Wisdom and Direction for family.
• Sherry - Prayers for family,
• Rod & Karen - Peace, Guidance and Joy.
• Ted & Robin - Israel & Wisdom to teach the Word for Ted, Ryan, Becky, Rob, Jordan & Nikki.


If you have a prayer request, post it on the prayer board so the church can pray for your petitions. 

Thank you, Nikki for making our new Prayer Board

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