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Fellowship(s) are based on the sharing of something in common. Here at Lighthouse Bible Church our common interests go far beyond and deeper than in worldly interests. Yes, we have some of those as well. Through our time of fellowship before and after our Sunday morning service, or our various Bible Studies, or our fellowship meals, we find the time to talk about some of these worldly things and enjoy doing so. We get to learn about the various activities that each other likes or dislikes and in short get to know our regular members and attenders. But what may be different here is how our fellowship helps us to grow in our love for each other. We truly love and enjoy each other and each other’s interests and needs. Yet, when a visitor arrives at our church they are welcomed and greeted by all. Almost at once, they are led to the Pastor, if he is not to be the one who initially sees them. Our concern for them and their needs becomes as important to us as to them.

Our needs and theirs go deeper as we put our common fellowship with God above all. Their participation in the blessing of the gospel message is truly demonstrated in the Verse-by-Verse exegetical preaching of the Good News, the bad news and the tough news, the Gospel according to God.

Our Senior Pastor Ted Dudak carefully and expositorily prepares both our Sunday Morning Service and out Wednesday Evening Bible Studies so as to present them carefully by letting Scripture interpret Scripture. He never waters down the word or skips the tough subjects. That’s because he preaches Verse-By-Verse.


Our Music Ministry Pastor Ryan Deacon chooses songs to lead the congregation in singing those tunes that are based on Scripture. Our Men’s Bible Teacher, Rob Moritz, and our Women’s Bible Teacher Rebecca (Becky) Carr, likewise lead their studies.

Reletively new to our church are Jordan Colubiale and Nikolena (Nicki) Perrine, who have taken on our much needed Youth Group. They are excited to see our Youth program grow. This program is not only open to our youth ten years and up, but their friends. It is Jordan and Nicki's goal to lead this group in a time of great fellowship, fun and games, pizza, but all with a goal to learn more and more how God wants them to live their lives according to His Word! 

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