What is happening now in the Kidz Corner?

Lighthouse Kids Winter/Spring 2022


Lighthouse leaders praise God and are very excited about the addition of more children to our church family!

We are developing new programs for Lighthouse Jr. Kidz 4 years and younger.

The Jr. Youth 10 years & older are working with well-grounded young adults.

More information to follow as we develop these programs. 

What are we doing on Wednesday Nights 6:30pm?

We learn songs taken directly from scripture to present on Sundays throughout the year from  





                        The children have Story Time using Adventures in Odyssey’s - Imagination Station

                        from Focus on the Family. 


We are putting together a play for Easter - these kids are amazing.


We do Bible drills, play games, maybe a craft, and  more.


                           Occasionally, we use the What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver DVD series.


What do we do on Sunday Mornings 10:15am?


Kids are encouraged to sit with their families during this time.

There are Kid Kits available for those that may want to use them - a clipboard with sermon note pages, information about the book of the Bible Pastor is preaching from - Verse by Verse. They are encouraged to discuss the sermons with their parents, leaders and even their friends. We also will have Bible scavenger hunts, and other activities as available.

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Learning Time
Learning Time
Jodie, Angelita, and Kim (Alpha)
Reagan, Riley, Kaylyn, Clayton, Ziva, and Ysa
Reagan, Riley, Kaylyn, Clayton, Ziva, and Ysa
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