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2022 June CWO Haiti Update

Updated: May 9, 2023


Motorcycles Help Haiti Church Leaders

Christian World Outreach provided three motorcycles to enable three leaders to better serve the CWO churches located in the remote areas in the north and the northeast parts of Haiti. We were able to purchase these motorcycles because of a long-time partnership with Mission Projects Fellowship.

Pastor Icher, expressing thanks for the motorcycle he received, wrote “Words cannot

adequately express my joy to God, CWO and all those who contributed to allow us to

have a motorcycle which enables us to visit the Vallieres church and the Rose Bonite

church. I no longer have to borrow a motorcycle to visit the churches. Once again, big

thanks to CWO for such a great help.”

Pastor Elino, who also received a motorcycle had this to say, “Thank you to CWO for

granting me this new motorcycle. I confess that the motorcycle will greatly contribute to the progress of the ministry. The motorcycle will enable me to visit the three churches under my supervision. It is something that greatly encourages me in my ministry.”

The third motorcycle went to Lumanes Auguste. Unfortunately, while I was writing this newsletter, he was in the hospital. He had surgery on his leg some time ago after an accident. The leg was corrected by another surgery but a few days later he developed severe pneumonia. We visited him in the hospital and he is starting to get better.


Please keep CWO in your prayers.

CWO Needs for prayer and praise


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