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God's Holiness

Updated: May 9, 2023

Uzzah placed his hand on the ark and died.

One of the most misunderstood attribute of God is His holiness. In 2 Samuel chapter 6 when the David wanted to place the ark of the covenant in Jerusalem, the ark began to tip over; Uzzah (not knowing) placed his hand to on the ark to straighten it out. This angered the Lord was on Uzzah and was struck down dead.

David grew angry because of that, was his anger justified?

Absolutely not; reason being, David needed to learn the truth about God's holiness. The ark was God's way of presenting Himself to the ancient Jews. Even today, we know nothing about the holiness of God like we should. David and Uzzah should have known how to handle the ark, for God's Word is clear on that. Numbers 4:5-15. We should never take sin for granted, and we won't when we have a correct view of God's holiness; and we learn His holiness through His written Word.

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