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Youth Kick-Off

Poster of Youth Kick Off

When we arrived at the Youth Kick-off, at Lighthouse Bible Church, we saw a very welcoming family of Christians. We were greeted by the smell of amazing food that they were preparing for us. Once we entered the door of the church, we saw 9 other kids having a joyous time playing games with each other and talking.

Collage of the games

They had a basketball game, a puzzle game, a ping pong table, and our personal favorite, the foosball table. We met with our friends and were able to talk and play games, until it was time to go outside and eat.

Preparing the food

We enjoyed cheeseburgers and hotdogs, for sides we had chips, cookies, and the hit for all the kids was the snow cones. Everything was free and extremely tasty! Once we finished eating everyone played frisbee outside or talked. The area was filled with smiles and laughter.

New game, called “Chicken, Cowboy, Conqueror."

Eventually, we were called inside to play a new game, called “Chicken, Cowboy, Conqueror.” We paired into teams of 2, and then went to opposite sides of the room. Everyone spun around until they called out either chicken, conqueror, or cowboy, and then we had to quickly do the corresponding moves, or else we would be eliminated. We played a few rounds of the game, and the last 2 people standing won a (delicious) prize.

Beginning of our Study, Freedom in Faith by John MacArthur
Beginning of our Study, Freedom in Faith by John MacArthur

We were then called to worship, so we all sat down in comfortable chairs facing the stage. The AMAZING leaders got up on stage after passing out our books. And for that Friday we just went over what our goals for the youth group are. And we answered some questions that Mr. Jordan, one of the leaders, asked about the Bible, Jesus, repentance, and eternal life. After we were done worshiping, we played Chicken, Cowboy, Conqueror for a bit longer and then continued with other games until it was time to go. The night was truly a blast and a beautiful way to fellowship with other Christians.

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✝️Excited to get started in our FOF study Sept 1st!!!✝️


Serenity Deacon
Serenity Deacon
Aug 20, 2023

That is awesome sounds like so much fun!! So happy yall enjoyed and have a safe, encouraging place to worship and grow in your faith! So excited for the Youth Ministry ❤️

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