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On that day! Enter into the joy of thy Lord

Updated: May 11, 2023

In rereading a book that Becky Carr will be teaching on in her upcoming Bible Study (no - I won't give it away just yet) I came across this quote from Charles Hadden Spurgeon. I thought I would share this with you.

Charles Hadden Spurgeon
Charles Hadden Spurgeon

"The Lord will grant unto his people an abundant reward for all that they have done. Not that they deserve any reward, but that God first gave them grace to do good works, then took their good works as evidence of a renewed heart, and then gave them a reward for what they had done. Oh, what a bliss it will be to hear it said, “Well done, good and faithful servant,”— to you that have worked for Christ when nobody knew it, to find that Christ took stock of it all,— to you that served the Lord under misrepresentation, to find that the Lord Jesus cleared the chaff away from the wheat, and knew that you were one of his precious ones. For him, then, to say, “Enter into the joy of thy Lord,” oh, what a bliss will it be to you."

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John Le Tellier
John Le Tellier
17 mei 2021

" to you that have worked for Christ when nobody knew it." A heartfelt thank you for all you do.

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