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Quite the Success"

Updated: May 11, 2023

The women's ministry hosted "Painting with a Friend" on March 13th at Lighthouse Bible Church. It was quite the success! Led by Karen Pasquariello, who brought out the women’s hidden talents - talents they did not know they held. Becky Carr shared a beautiful devotion. The women enjoyed a great time learning to paint. Their time was filled lots of laughing and sharing.

Karen Pasquariello's students displaying their paintinigs

Karen is about to do it again on May 15th, where she will instruct the woman on how to make "Rag Wreaths."

The Women's Ministry will have a light breakfast and make wreaths out of rags. Bring a friend. Cost is only $5 per person and yes you can bring a friend for only $5 more. I'm sure they will enjoy this great time of learning and fellowship.

Mark your calendars today! Sign up sheets will be in the rear of the church. Check out our events page. Please RSVP to the event.

Announcement of the event

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