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Testing Testing - One Test After Another

Updated: May 11, 2023

Throughout 3 chapters so far, the apostle James has been giving us one test after another. This last test is proven to be tough. It was the test of loving the world. Living in the world and all its desires makes it hard sometimes to keep the world at arms length (so to speak). Yes, we enjoy some of the worlds pleasures, beach and mountain vacations, theme parks, and lavish restaurants. All these are fine. It's keeping away from all the worlds sinful ways that can become difficult sometimes. Things like anger, lying, pornography, adultery, envy, jealousy, drunkenness, and so on. John says all the worlds desires will be burned up in the end anyway, so why bother with them now. Lets pass this recent test James gave us by avoiding our love for the things of the world, and draw near to Christ.

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