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Today we finished our study on Hannah

Updated: May 13, 2023

This is the first of a two part study on Hannah, a beautiful godly wife and mother found in 1 & 2 Samuel.

Hannah is a model for all women to follow, especially in marriage and family. First, she had a fervent love for the Lord. She showed a great amount of faith, understanding that while the Lord is sovereign in all matters, He does answer prayers in His way and in His time. She prayed, as we ought. She prayed from her heart fully expecting the Lord would answer her petition. She need not pray as the hypocrites that pray aloud for others to hear them.

Many marriages place children first and neglect the needs of the spouse. Hannah understood that putting her husband first and honoring him would support a healthy home. The love for her children, even Peninnah’s, came second.

By watching how their parents treat each other, children learn the basics that will stay with them the rest of their lives. Where parents show love, self-sacrifice, integrity, virtue, sympathy, compassion, understanding and forgiveness, their children are likely to show these traits in their marriage. However, children that see strife, arguing, cursing, assault and/or battery between the husband and wife, they tend to grow up with these very same characteristics. Despite the many provocations that Peninnah threw at her, nowhere do I find Hannah reacting in a harsh manner. She always showed grace.

Hannah obviously loved God. She was a devout woman with a fervent passion, in her prayer life. Her prayer was not set on earthly things. She did not ask for children, but for one son, fit to serve in the tabernacle. She vowed that should God grant her petition, that her son would become a Nazarite. A Nazarite, not for a few weeks, months, years, but until he died.

God blessed her for her keeping her vow. She had only asked for a son to dedicate to the Lord. He blesses her by giving her three sons and two daughters. God opened her womb at this very old age. Who but the Lord could do this?

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