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Bible Study Method Confirmed

Updated: May 13, 2023

My wife and I went on what may be the last RV camping trip this season. Therefore, we missed last Sunday November 25th, Wednesday, November 28th and will miss this Sunday, December 2nd. While we certainly missed being there for our Bible Studies and Preaching of the Word (Verse by Verse), we have enjoyed our rest and time to study for our return.

For me however, the exciting news is this. The first day here at Pine Mountain RV Resort we received (as usual) an Official Area booklet. Opening to the first page, I saw a place of interest called, Bible History Center, located in LaGrange, GA. It is seventeen miles north of Pine Mountain. Okay – We have been to Orlando’s Holy Land Experience; to Noah’s Arc; and to the Creation Museum both in Kentucky. Yes, we enjoyed them all. But this experience was quite different. I highly recommend this place for those who wish to receive greater insight into the Bible and its History. Visit to find out more. Check out their schedule of events that are many throughout the year.

A tour had just begun in front of us by about ten minutes or so and the clerk told us that we could catch up with them if we wanted. We did and what a treat. We followed the tour guide, who was a young woman that had a degree in the Bible History. She was deeply knowledgeable and gave great insights in not only the history, but in many times offered comparisons, of assorted items and how Jesus used them. She further offered some quite unique analogies, relating to Jesus’s live. She brought the Bible to life.

After the tour (we skipped the Biblical Meal) and went back to do the self-guided tour. Vicky would read the pamphlet’s write ups at each post. Both of us were able to see and learn things that we had not previously.

This tour confirmed the bible study method I use in my studies for Sunday mornings. I not only read an author’s book and/or opinions, but closely examine them to Scripture. Before pasting into the study any Scripture, I not only read it several times, but study the surrounding text and its character, but also the history surrounding the text. Yes, this does take more time and patience, but it is well worth it. I take what James says to heart.

James 3:1 (ESV)

1 Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.

During this time, I have been working on the upcoming studies. I am looking forward to returning, first for next Wednesday’s mid-week Bible Study, but getting back into the Characters of the Bible on Sunday, December 9th.

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Pastor Ted Dudak
Pastor Ted Dudak

Even on vacation, you learn

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