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CWO Missions Conference Update

Updated: May 9, 2023

One of the privileges we have as we serve with Christian World Outreach (CWO) is

representing the organization at churches when they have a mission event. It is

great to see the excitement of the mission team as they plan and prepare to have

those they support in local and international missions at the event. It is also

encouraging to get reacquainted with those from other organizations we have

met in the past or to meet others for the first time who are serving in missions.

Karen Pasquariello
Karen Pasquariello

Greg had the opportunity to spend August 18-22nd with the people from Lighthouse Bible Church in Palm Coast, Florida.

Karen Pasquariello, CWO’s first missionary to Haiti, is a member of this church. Greg and Karen served together in Haiti 42 years ago when CWO got started. Karen introduced her church to CWO and they have had two teams go to Haiti which sparked an excitement about

missions and the CWO ministries.

Joel and Marie St Amour
Joel and Marie St Amour

Joel and Marie St Amour, CWO Haiti leaders, were also able to be there so it was a great time of fellowship. They were able to share about the ministries in Haiti and the current situation there while meeting with the mission team and with all who attended the Saturday and Sunday meetings. Joel and Marie shared how God has worked in their lives and how God is working through the CWO churches and the Feminine Training Centers. Those that served on the two mission teams especially enjoyed their time with Joel and Marie as they shared how being on a team changed their lives.

Greg Yoder, President CWO
Greg Yoder, President CWO

Greg gave an update on the other ministries in Burkina Faso and Zimbabwe and introduced the church to the two new ministries in South Africa, Single Moms Raising Sons, and Sri Lanka. Greg emphasized how CWO was built on relationships that have grown the ministry and how CWO uses many different programs to share the light of the Gospel.

Greg also had the opportunity to spend time with some of those who had gone on teams serving in Haiti. It was a great time of reminiscing about the trips, hearing how the trips impacted their lives and even hearing that some have stayed in contact with those they worked with while there. When asked if they wanted to serve again all said, “Yes!” They did understand with the current dangers of kidnapping and unrest that we will not be able to go now but they are ready when God opens the door to return.

CWO and Missions Committee planning the conference.

When meeting with Pastor Ted he said, “The trip to Haiti changed my life.” As we talked, he shared how the trip has helped him understand some scripture differently because of the things he saw and heard while there.

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