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Excitement in The Kidz Corner

Updated: May 11, 2023

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The Kidz Corner’s children were excited to complete their first missions outreach projects this month.

Earlier this year we launched a new program for the children in our Kidz Corner. We felt it would engage them in outreach, service, and missions, while hearing and learning the same message as the adults.

For more information on this program, please check out Kidz Corner.


I am happy to announce that Riley and Reagan Donato tied earning the most bible bucks. The children all together earned a cumulative total of $311 for the last quarter and more than $150 for the previous couple of months when the program was started. Ziva Boothman came in 3rd and chose an ice cream party to celebrate with the children after service on January 31st.

The Bible Bucks that the children earned during the last half of 2020 were spent on three different outreach projects:

List of items needed by Alpha Women's Center

1) The group chose Alpha Women’s Center to share its needs by providing items for their “Diaper Bag and Boutique Outreach.” Ministry. The girls shopped on-line and at Walmart for 10 diaper bags and numerous personal care items for the new babies.

On February 12th, the children together with Vicky Le Tellier, Jodie Boothman and Angie Ainsworth toured the Alpha center and delivered their donations. It was a wonderful experience for all that attended. This trip helped all to better understand this mission. It not only ministers to the expectant parents but shares the Gospel in a mighty way with their clients and extended family.

As we left the facility that day, I was so blessed to hear Clayton say, “That is a great ministry because they help pregnant woman and give them the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

The children were anxious to bless a family by purchasing their dinner anonymously

2) The children were anxious to bless a family by purchasing their dinner anonymously. As we had our lunch in Denny’s they looked around and decided to bless a family of 4. It was difficult for the kids to remain anonymous, but it showed the children that they could share Jesus without saying a word.

The Kidz assembled a blessing box and mailed it to a serviceman.

3) The Kidz assembled a blessing box and mailed it to a serviceman. The box contained snacks, cards, paper pens games and a gospel track from the Gospel of John. Our hope is that we may continue to communicate and minister to this young man with future boxes, letters and sharing of our faith and outreach.

This has been a great experience for me, as well as the children. We are always looking for new ideas and assistance. If you can assist with this outreach with the children, your time, ideas, and money are always welcomed and appreciated!

Vicky Le Tellier

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1 Comment

Feb 21, 2021

Such good ways for our kids to learn Godly values and how to minister. What great kids.

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