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No Partiality with God

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Today we took away a few things we can apply to our daily lives. First, and foremost, we shouldn't show favoritism towards other's; just because someone doesn't dress like us, look like us, live like us, or act like us doesn't mean that God does not love that person. Don't ever hate what God loves. We also learned the absolute sovereignty of God in salvation. Not only does He initiate it, He controls the outcome and events leading up to it. How He prepares the preacher and the audience is mind-blowing, just as He did with Peter and Cornelius, along with his entire household this morning. We also learned the value of the events God brings in our life (Good and bad) to shape and form us into the image of His perfect Son. And though our hearts and flesh may fail, God is My portion and my shield, in Him I shall trust

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Sep 17, 2018

That's what I like about the exegetical preaching we get at Lighthouse. Simply reading through the verses we covered today doesn't expose the lessons that Peter learned, nor does it reveal the true application of the text to our own lives. Love it Pastor Ted. Can't wait till next week.

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