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Why short-term missions?

I took my first short-term mission trip in 1975 and it changed my life forever.  Just ask the Geremia family . They are a living testimony to how mission trips change our lives.

The missions committee takes very seriously ministry preparation for short term missionaries. We use the term, "Global Partnerships" to emphasize our primary strategy and to communicate an essential value.  We desire to form mutually-beneficial relationships with fellow believers overseas. Our trips are not about us as American Christians of means helping people in need.  Rather, these trips are an avenue by which we can work with and minister alongside other believers around the world.  We have an abundance to offer and humbly recognize our own need to receive from our international brothers and sisters in Christ.  It is this give and take dynamic that reflects the economy of God.

It is important for our team members to understand our mission and philosophy. Our partners and missionaries expect Lighthouse teams to reflect the values that they have recognized as crucial to their ministry.  As a Lighthouse team, it is the team members responsibility to understand that everything that happens at Lighthouse is in complete alignment with our mission and core values.

Mission: our mission is guiding people to life change in Christ.


  1. Connect to the source - God: the Bible is our ultimate authority. The only way to tap into the power found in knowing the Father is to know His Son, Jesus Christ. This begins with a relationship with our Creator in and through His Word.

  2. Handle with care - People:  we are individuals uniquely created in God's image for a relationship with Him.  Our relationship with our God should be reflected in our relationships with others.

  3. Always push the envelope - Faith:  we want to be culturally relevant and we are not afraid to try, regardless of the outcome.

  4. No perfect people - Grace:  we constantly treat people with love and grace by accepting all people as they are, but caring enough not to leave them there.

  5. Go the extra mile - Service:  going the extra mile is more than what is required, asked or even expected.

  6. Expect the unexpected - Creativity:  we strive to react the creative nature of God in everything we do.  Every believer is responsible for exercising their gifts, talents and abilities together with other members of the body.

By Karen Pasquariello - 2018

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